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Finegan Fine

Copyright: TXu 1-634-140
Writer's Guild of America: 1354009


The film, called Finegan Fine, is set in the US southeast, which is flooding after the pole shift. Finegan is running a houseboat along the new coastline and up and down flooded rivers, as a trader. He meets an endless stream of survivors. Sample scenes from the film are:

Scene 21 Snippet: Those with Political Connections expect service.
Scene 81 Snippet: An Orphanage is run by an exhuasted old woman who collected abandoned children.
Scene 99 Snippet: A farming community has problems with teenagers, Yahoos Afloat.
Scene 116 Snippet: Worthless items have value in a small town where a Pawn Shop does lively business. .
Scene 133 Snippet: A family gardening on the roof of a flooded factory are in the Rust Belt.
Scene 146 Snippet: Survivors living in Kudzu Canyons survive on the edible kudzu.
Request for Proposal
Film production companies and financial backers are invited to submit a Request for Proposal to the end that the film, Finegan Fine, will be produced and distributed. Proposals will be evaluated based on their demonstrated capacity to produce and distribute films.
Goals and Objectives

In a fictional setting, the film provides the audience with a positive outcome to live after cataclysmic geological changes and social upheaval. A positive outcome when survivors are resourceful is repeatedly emphasized. Aytpical food sources such as kudzu and pumpkin leaves are included. The social value of cooperative groups is contrasted with a poor outcome for those who demand that the old ways be continued or expect to be served based on their former status.


The film should be produced as soon as possible as during the current time the increased crop shortages and swam earthquakes have the populace willing to accept the likelihood of cataclysmic earth changes.


Contact the author, Nancy, with any proposals toward producing and distributing the film. The selection of a production company or acceptance of financial backing is the sole preogative of the author, Nancy.