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The Beginning of the World is Coming!

Transformation Before 2012: The Shroom & Zoom of Doom & Gloom

John Holmdahl
World Synergy Institute

Sounds like the end of the world might be coming! Is it really going to happen? Have you checked out what you need to know? Do you know the answers? It's your Final Exam! Are you prepared? Can you put together the pieces of the Cosmic Jig-Saw Puzzle?

Looks like different researchers have different pieces of the puzzle. One way to discover what the Big Picture looks like, is to see which pieces of evidence fit together with other pieces. Where to start? Step one: study as many potential pieces of the puzzle as possible, before making any conclusions.

While investigating the wide range of possible and often contradictory answers offered by various human researchers, I unexpectedly discovered that a group of scientists has already found the pieces and put them together into the Big Picture, and it is all on one website, run by a group of extraterrestrials!

Through I'm now in contact with a group of ETs, the Zetas from Zeta Reticuli. The Zetas have been working with the U.S. military for the last 50 years. Their existence was declassified in 1995 when they were allowed to go public and reveal their history and activities to the public through their website and their Emissary, Nancy Lieder.

The Zetas contacted the U.S. military shortly after the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, for the purpose of warning humans about the coming Earth Changes. The U.S. government performed several experiments regarding possible public disclosure, and found that the public would likely panic if told there were aliens from outer space here on Earth, causing the collapse of civilization as we know it. The government's policy therefore became the prevention of disclosure at any cost, in the name of National Security.

President Truman quickly established the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and MJ12 (an Executive Committee of 12 people) to deal specifically with the alien issue and to coordinate joint ET-human projects, while the public was told a cover story to prevent disclosure and panic. The U.S. government had no choice but to make these decisions at that time.

When the Zetas realized that the U.S. military was not going to tell the public so we could prepare for what is coming and relocate to safe areas, they contacted a private citizen, Nancy Lieder, who has agreed to be their spokesperson and Emissary, to bring the Zetas' message to the world. She is the webmistress of and the author of ZetaTalk: Direct Answers from the Zeta Reticuli People. (A book you can tell is co-authored by a non-human Higher Intelligence!)

So why did the Mayan calendar end on 2012? And how did the Mayans know that the coming Earth Changes would bring the End of Time? And where did they get all this information without having telescopes?

Here are some pieces of the puzzle that fit together with other pieces into the Big Picture, and they answer those key questions!

The website contains thousands of pages of Communications from Extraterrestrial Intelligence, very wise, non-human, Super-Intelligent Beings from another planet:

In the process of writing this article and discussing with Nancy which pieces of the puzzle to emphasize, the Zetas advised her that they consider the most important points in ZetaTalk to be:

"In all cases here, we, the Zetas, are educating and empowering humanity, which is IN CHARGE of their lives. We are not deluding them with false hopes of rescue."

Some of the most useful and fascinating communications that I have discovered within are:

"What will unfold in the near future will be immensely disturbing to the Earth's inhabitants. We are not speaking only of galactic consciousness, we are speaking of the collapse of governments and entirely new social structures. People will be without their usual mooring, adrift. It is in our interest, the Zeta Reticulan interest, as 4th Density Service-to-Others entities, to reduce the amount of fear and anxiety that humans experience during these transitional times. We are not alone in these concerns. Other alien groups are so concerned, and are actively working to reduce fear in the Earth's inhabitants. You know them by many names, but there are vastly more groups that are participating in this effort than you are aware of."
"Why are lights in the sky most often the introduction, the initiation route, informing anxious humans that there is more to life than the dreary drudgery of their day-to-day, more to anticipate than an aging body and a burden of bills that seem to become ever heavier, more to the control of events around the world than a few power-mad politicians or heavy-handed dictators. Man is Not Alone and his small world is about to burst into the arena of introductions to life from other worlds like a child dragged from a dark closet into a well lit room engaged in a riotous party…. ["RIOTOUS PARTY"?!!! :)] …. This rapid increase in mass sightings and photographic proof, at this time, has a purpose, as man is about to have his world torn apart by the coming Pole Shift, and as we have stated, the helping hands extended at that time, to those practicing the Golden Rule and thus firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation, may not in fact be hands. Fear not, you've gotten used to the idea. Remember all those lights in the sky?"
"The subconscious is the heart of your awareness, and when the subconscious of the majority of your populace is comfortable with our presence, there will be no need to conceal ourselves from you. Sightings will increase, and will include alien life forms. This will then move to telepathic discussions with these life forms, en-mass with groups of people."
"When humans are given technological advice, or prepared in some manner for future possibilities, of having a role, they often have no conscious memory of this…. There are many reasons why slumber is preferable. First, many times the technological advice or coordinated activity planned for cannot take place for some time…. Second, many projects being coordinated by ourselves, the Zetas, or our brethren in Service-to-Others groups, require humans to meet in groups…."
"UFOs and mass sightings and mass visitations of contactees in an area are all part of the plan, to establish a comfort level with the alien presence, so that the next stage can begin…. Thus, the increased UFO sightings are part of the plan, newly into the news, and all should anticipate the next stage, as they may be part of this! … soon enough live visitors will be at their doors, walking in the mist, and delivering help when life seems grim and hope gone. Thus, the embrace is going two ways, in the heart!"
"Those staunchly in the Service-to-Other orientation are increasingly becoming contactees, whether aware of that status or not. The Transformation is more and more in the minds of those in the Service-to-Others, and thus the mass consciousness of those who think along like lines informs those humans who are not contactees of what the others are experiencing. It is a wake-up call. Thus alerted to momentous changes ahead, The Call is given and yet another Service-to-Other human has become a contactee.
There is much confusion about the Lift, its purpose and execution. This is greatly mixed up, in human minds, with the parental image, someone taking care of them. This is likewise mixed up, in human minds, with the general government assurance that they will take care of you…. The Lift is not intended to take a Service-to-Other person to safety, it is intended to prevent them from dying, as they wish to continue their incarnation and do work toward the good in the Aftertime. As conscious encounters with aliens will occur only as the general populace in an area is ready for this, en mass, giving someone the Lift is not to give them a solid clue that aliens exist!
1. The rules that an Element of Doubt must exist, until the person and his associates are ready for full conscious encounters, must be adhered to.
2. The rule of Non Interference, beyond simply saving the Service-to-Other person from destruction so they can continue their incarnation, must be adhered to.
Thus, we do not rescue humans, we simply permit their incarnation to continue…. During the cataclysms, when the Earth's crust has shifted and stopped, a great many humans will need to be located and lifted, simultaneously. As we have stated, most in the Service-to-Others have declined this offer so as to be with their loved ones during the time of greatest need. But likewise, many have determined they can best serve by being whole to help pick up the pieces…."
"Survivors will form new marital relationships, new family groups, and share knowledge on how to do the chores necessary for a primitive life style. Music and song will fill the hours… A quiet life will prevail! Then one day there will be unexpected visitors, odd looking, or humans who could not have arrived on their own. This will be the contact that will open doors, and eventually provide a route into cities or communities where high tech communications are far superior to the old Internet and phone lines and postal service. Thus, for those anxious about being cut off from information, from chats, we suggest that the answer lies in attention to the Service-to-Other lifestyle! It is this that is your ticket!"

And there are many more Communications from Extraterrestrial Intelligence on the Zetas' website! averages 3 million hits per month, and is translated by volunteers into 21 different languages!


The Ascension and Transformation we long for is taking place right now 24/7, and on a grander scale than most people realize. The Universe has intentionally created a cosmic crisis, timed perfectly so it will catalyze the global transformation that we sense is coming. As Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa advise, "Be fully present to the unfolding chaos, and the order reveals itself."

By the way, the Zetas are aware of the existence of a Divine Creative Intelligence that pervades the Universe and creates life in all its diverse forms. Maybe the ETs aren't so different from us after all!