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Botswana and Zambia

The highlands of Botswana and Zambia will be considered ideal by those wanting the safety and climate of Africa during the Aftertime, and with enough funds to do this in style. Close to the industrialization of South Africa, at a distance from the steaming equatorial humidity of the Congo, these lands seem dry, arable, defensible, and accessible from a country friendly to the colonialist attitude, South Africa. Thus, these countries are likely to find well stocked and serious visitors preceding the shift, intent on being the dominant force in the region after the shift. What will be unexpected is the disease that will invade the area, despite any defenses. Africa, from Uganda to South Africa, is riddled with AIDS, and under the continuous drizzle that will accompany the shift, for years, Ebola type viruses will emerge from the swamps and be everywhere, in the kitchens, in the rodents and lizards, infecting the water supply and the servants and inevitably the masters. Those with natural immunity to these diseases, who are few, will be the survivors, the plans to be king in the Aftertime only a whisper in the mist.



Under the guiding hand of IMF structural `assistance´ Africa´s income dropped by 23%. Did any nation avoid this fate? Yes, Botswana. Their trick? `They told the IMF to go packing.´