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January 20
I just came back from the Andes and the villagers are preparing for the return of what they call Herculobis. The skies are a brilliant red at sunrise and sunset. They are moving to higher elevations and stockpiling food and water. While I was there alot of foreigers in their private jets are landing and staying. They are planning on a long stay. Most of the locals there are paid by them. Some of the roads are becoming impassable because of the quake activity happening now on a steady basis. Santiago Chile was hit by a quake that did some damage but you didn´t hear that here in the USA.
January 19
And another observation from Spain. The king Juan Carlos (himself) has just paid an official state visit to Chile. Among the different issues of his agenda there was an excursion to the spanish settlement at Antarctica. I suspect that the spanish government and comparny are looking for safe location areas there into their ex-colonies.