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Elite Exodus to Safe Locations
Started June 7, ongoing June 14
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[Note: pattern is flights in the wee hours of the morning, flying low, exiting St. Pete and Tampa in Florida going north, exiting Palos Verdes in California to Elmont NY, arriving in Greenbrier WV and Wayne National Forest, arriving just over the border in British Columbia and heading into the mountains where enclaves have been drilled into the rock, exiting Houston in droves, exiting Paris and NYC in choppers, arriving in Alaska, exiting the Philly area heading south, enclaves drilled into the rock in Central US, but ignoring north central plains.]
Just wondering if anyone lives by a small airport notice any strange flights coming and going? The reason for this is I live by a small airport close to Palos Verdes in Southern California, Torrance Airport. It can handle some large aircraft but as I said I’ve never seen this much Lear Jet activity and I’ve been here for 18 years now. I live in an apartment with a direct view of the flight paths so I can see them clearly. The airport is mostly for private propeller planes that people just fly around. These last few days however Ive seen lots of Lear Jets flying in. Now this may not seem strange but when you consider we only see about 2 of these a month flying in it starts to strike me as a bit odd. Now Palos Verdes and the surrounding immediate area of Rolling Hills is a very rich area. Everyone there is loaded. The houses are all mansions overlooking the pacific ocean. I’m just wondering are these rich folk being carted out of town at the rate of 3-4 Lear Jets an hour these days? It’s just making me feel weird. I’m wondering if they are being carted out to "safe and secure" locations with the arrival of that anomoly by the sun or for some staged terror strike.
I live just about 2 miles from the main airport here on the West Coast of Florida. In the last several weeks I have noticed a number of Lear jets flying in and out of the area.
You’re right something big is about to go down or come down. Elite Lear jets have been flying over my house for the last 4 days which is not normal, also black helicopters and by the way I live near the infamous Greenbrier resort. Catastrophic bunker relief for the global elite. The last two days, these jets have been flying at the tune of 8 or 9 an hour.
I live in NJ near a small airport. I have definitely noticed a large increase in small private/Lear jet activity. Though it´s not an Int´l. airport, the occasional large jet would land and take off but you´d rarely see a Lear jet. Now it´s constant activity.
6-7 Lear jets per hour here in remote WVa., usual air traffic is 3 to 5 private Cesnas a day! Me gots a bad feeling bout dis one.
I live near an airport, Dane County Regional in Madison, WI, although its not exactly small. Yes, there has been an increase in Lear jet traffic recently.
I live near a small airport in north central US. Jack nothing going on here as usual.
I live in San Diego and the small airport by my house called Gillepse Field has been real busy the past week. I´ve noticed quite a bit of Lear jets taking off lately.
I have experienced something similar. I live in Michigan, between Ann Arbor and Detroit. There is a small airport about 15 miles North of me. I´ve seen low flying Lear jets the last few weeks, not something I´m used to. I´m not outside all day, so I don´t know how frequent they are. They get my attention because they fly much lower than I´m used to seeing. I´d hate to have to estimate how low, guessing 500-1000 feet? Certainly low enough for me to look up and mumble an obscenity. They are coming from an odd direction too. Now, I suppose it´s possible that they have simply changed the pattern for incoming planes. Also, twice now in the last couple of weeks, I´ve been wakened from deep sleep by very low flying jets. This happened between 4-5 AM both times. This seems a little early to me. Maybe not for a big airport, but the airport North of me is far from big. A Lear jet is probably the biggest plane it could handle.
Hey 10Pin, I live North of you, there are a couple of small airports in Livingston County. I have notice the same thing about the airplane activity in the last month. There are also a lot of heavy helicopter activity, some actually shake the house.
My town´s airport (2 terminals) is one of the longest airstrips N of 49th and West of the Rockies [British Columbia]. I´ve noticed jets flying in and out over the last week. The commercial flight to ´the city´ is a 40 seater ´thunder chicken´ we call it. These are jets, 5 or 6 a day, where before they only left trails from 40,000 feet on their way over. They fly in from the S and head NW.
I live in rural south-eastern Ohio, near Wheeling WV. This is hillbilly country. The second world. I also have noticed a large amount of small jets. So being the nib that I am drove to a spot overlooking the landing strip. Jet landed then off loaded a group of persons maybe 6. Two suvs pulled up and left. Jet then left. This is strange as we have only one motel in town. The suvs drove into Wayne National forest. There is nothing there. I could not follow them. This airport has no jet fuel. And why come here at 2:00 AM. Strange.
We are in line with the major road going to the only airport in the county. Many planes follow it for guidance by eye. Traffic is way up and the late 2-5 AM flights mostly.
This is very interesting. A friend of mine runs a small moving business in Vancouver. He recently got offered a big job to move some stuff from the airport to a couple hours into the coast mountains. Nothing too odd. This kind of stuff happens quite a lot, he says, rich people moving stuff to/from their ski cabins. He takes the job, and when he gets to the airport it turns out that the stuff he´s moving up there is very odd, not the usual kind of cabin stuff at all. Rather, canned food, batteries, boxes upon boxes of bottled water (this is very odd since the destination is right by a glacier), that sort of stuff, and lots of it! When he gets to the drop-off, it gets even weirder. These places are literally drilled into the side of the mountain! The woman who hired him pays him well (quite well, actually) and tells him if he doesn´t spread word around, they have more work for him, seeing as all their friends are coming up too. It looks like people with the means to do so are holing up deep and for the long haul. Maybe this is where all those Lear jets are going? It isn´t Whistler [ski resort mountain in Garibaldi Provincial Park]; that was the one thing he was clear about. Beyond it not being Whistler, I really don´t know.
I fish for the summer in Alaska, and when I was going to the airport in a very small town which tourists love to populate, I saw a very fancy jet plane or whatever type of aircraft it was, it was rather fancy for a small, run-down fishing town like ours. I say we all stock up on supplies and start digging into the mountains.
An unusual amount of air traffic flying over today, one plane after another. Most of the time it was too cloudy to see them. I did see what looked like a Lear headed South.
Southeast PA
I live near the Sugar Land Municipal Aiport some 30 min outside of Houston. Well, it´s a small, private airport but now since I´m always outside in my pool, I started noticing a weird trend a couple weeks ago. This airport usually serves Cessnas and other small aircraft but lately I keep seeing jets arrive there and taking off all day every day. Sugar Land is a very rich city, where most of the Rockets, Astros and Texans make their residences, as well as other loaded people, but this traffic is definitely rare.
My husband is in construction and for the last 2 years, has been off on long jobs, but the pay is good. Well he finally told me what he was doing. He and his crew have been sent to Tennessee (the latest one), and drilling and constructing some sort of ´bunker´ type places. He really didn´t think anything of it. What he was told in the beginning, was that it was for the very wealthy, who do ´Extreme Homes´ like you would see on HGTV. Well, he isn´t sure now, since this is the 6th one he´s done. He does the prep and drill and that is it. Areas are remote, but then people like to live away from towns, no neighbors, their ´getaway´ homes I suppose. I´ve watched HGTV´s Extreme Homes and thought OK that is probably what it is, but this is his 6th one, and the same type that its getting me thinking. I don´t know, if they are some kind of bomb shelter or what, but it is bothering me. Mostly low mountain areas, yes. And all are in the central US or thereabouts.
No need to go to the States! Above Velizy, there is also an increase of small jets and helicopter flights for about one month. Note: Velizy is in the suburb of Paris, near the Orly international airport.
I live in MN and work down the street from a small Cessna type airport, and there has been no unusual activity here. Once in a while the larger corporate jets land here, but this is just the richer folks getting closer to the twin cities without having to go through the bullshit at MSP international airport. The drive from here to the cities is only 15 min. Totally normal traffic.
My cousin´s hubby is higher up in the Indiana State Police and spokesperson for ISP. We were talking the other night when he surprised me with the news that for the past several days. ISP officers have been put on ´special´ esscort duty shuffling VIPs and their families to and fro from the local private airports. He himself had to essort one Mrs. Lugar (wife of Sen Richard Lugar) to and fro, several times from their home here in Indiana. Mrs Lugar had some extensive packing already prepared. My source is pretty high up ISP. He was complaining that higher ups are being put on the essocrt duty instead of the usual grunt troopers and speculated that they wanted to keep this hushed up out of the press.
I live in the Sandia Mts. east of ALBQ. NM at 7000 ft. and you can hear a pin drop. But starting around at 3:00 in the morning you can hear small planes or Lear jets going north. This started about a month ago. In the news last night they anounced that Farmington NM was becoming a busy airport. Farmington is in the north west corner of NM. Not much in Farmington. But it is one of the airports close to Colorado.
Important people bailling out in droves today. This happening anywhere else other than here in LA? Anyone who is anyone in law enforcement and emergency response are making tracks elsewhere [Jun 14]. That´s the word on the street. Feds, R&P´s, all leaving in droves past 2-3 days.
The 45th Paris Air Show kicked off on Saturday [Jun 14] without the presence of a single top executive from a leading U.S. defense contractor. Lockheed Martin, the world´s top arms maker, confirmed last week that its Chairman and Chief Executive Vance Coffman had pulled out of the show, citing scheduling conflicts.
Reuters: Paris Air Show Opens; US Execs Stay Home
Up here in northern Alberta a few folks have been stashing huge quantities of meat and soft drinks. Not a restaurant or large family either. Pallets at a time. A Russian emigre with wife, here less than 2 years, he ex-intel, lots of foodstuffs last week, this week. We know ´cause we got alot of rice and beans, ´in case´, and heard about these other big orders. Steak order was right before the mad cow thing started, same time frame with the soda, and lately the 2, 3 other big orders were for wide variety of foodstuffs. Unusual habits for these parts in the summer.
Here in Ohio no airports close by with heavy traffic. No lear jets or helicopters flying overhead. Although they do seem to have all of the major exit routes blocked or at least very restricted.