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New Magnet in Town
started June 18, 2003

On June 8, 2003 a 3rd Magnet appeared.

  1. the Earth itself
  2. Planet X which is aligned with the Earth but moving gradually past the Earth as it approaches passage
  3. the Atlantic Rift, aligned loosely with the Earth, but due to the bulge of the Equator, not strictly aligned.

Since then, in order of most recent occurence, the following has been noted.

On May 15, 2010 I checked my compass here in Spain, like every day now, and I don't know if it's possible, but its position has moved more or less twenty degrees to the west. And here it keeps, no returns to previous place. Looks not much normal.

On December 23, 2009 My 2 compasses herein Bethelehem, PA moved from 40 degrees West North and now point to 28 degrees East of North.

On October 15, 2009 another magnetic blast was noted on the Magnetosphere Simulator site. There was again a spate of fireballs preceeding this, such as the Netherlands exploding meteor on October 13, 2009.

On October 14, 2009 My compasses in Bethelehem, PA moved overnight from 60 degrees West of North to only 40 degrees West of North. Change is happening more frequently. I am located in Bethlehem, PA in USA and noted for years if my compasses moved East of North, we had warmer weather. Move West of North, colder than normal. It is unseasonalbly cold at 36 degrees here - last year when my daughter married, it was in the 70s.

On October 11, 2009 Greetings from Amursk! This week on October, 5-11th, I have noticed that when are delayed both blue (northern) and red (southern) lines together we in Amursk have a solar warm weather. And when only blue lines are delayed so strongly, that the red disappear, at us in Amursk is cold.

On October 7-8, 2009 during another great quake in Indonesia followed by a rash of 7+ aftershocks, individuals on the Pole Shift ning message board noted that a compass wobble took place. Individuals who had established a baseline only a few days prior noted that the compass swung to the east by 5 degree or so prior to the 8.1 to hit the Vanuatu Islands, then swung back again, then east yet again. All this shows the magnetic relationship to the last quakes pummeling the Earth of late.

Posted by Jorge October 7 at 20:00 UTC: My compass has moved this morning 5 degrees to the east. But by noon it moved back 5 degrees to the west.
Posted by Rosemary
October 8 at 0:00 UTC: My magnetic north is now 5 degree to the east. This is accurate because where the compass sits, there is no metal object, wire or TV.

On September 30, 2009 during the Samoa/Sumatra quakes , the Earth temporarily lost its S Pole on the simulators that track the Earth's magnetic field.

On September 13, 2009 Checking the compass I've glue to a shelf in my house in Summertown, TN I see it has shifted many degrees to the West since last checking on June 20, 2009. It last moved 14 degrees to the West since gluing it to the shelf in February 2009.

On September 2, 2009 For many months, my 2 compasses in Bethlehem, PA have not varied. Checking every night, I noted that they moved back to North being due North (about 60 degree variance). This North is where I set them many years ago.

On August 12, 2009 I just noticed the compass I have glued down to a shelf in Summertown, TN has moved another 4 degrees to the West since my last update to you on May 21 2009.

On May 21, 2009 Just checked the compass I have glued down to a shelf in Summertown, TN and found it has moved 4 degrees to the West since my last post.

On March 7, 2009 I have not reported the 2 compass readings taken here in Bethlehem, PA lately since they have been at about 60 degrees West of North. But it has been several weeks that the compasses went to 78 degrees West of North and continues to hold steady.

On Jan 21, 2000 a magnetic blast from the direction of the Sun occurred, at a time when the Sun was extremely quiescent. Fireballs were prevalent at that time, as the tail of Planet X was hosing the Earth.

On Jun 20, 2008 well I just checked it again and it moved almost 2 more degrees to the West in a week in Summertown, TN. Is that possible? This compass is secure and permanently glued down to a wood shelf with no metal around, I even tried to move it by hand tonight and was unable to move it at all. As you can see from the marks on the shelf the compass in the exact location in all photo's.

On Jun 12, 2008 In February of this year I glued a compass down to a wooden shelf in my house in Summertown, TN. It is permanently anchored and was set to Magnetic North. The difference in the reading over the past months and it is growing larger. First reading was on April 6, 2008, next on June 12, 2008.

On Mar 1, 2008 My compass in Bethelehem, PA swung from 58 degrees West of North to about 40 degrees West of North.

On Jan 17, 2008 My compasses in Bethelehem, PA changed this morning to 58 degrees West of North from the December 19th position of 24 degrees East of North! Another huge swing.

On Dec 19, 2007 Early this morning, I checked my compasses in Bethelehem, PA and they were steady at 58° West of North. Just now, noon here in Pennsylvania, they moved dramatically to 24° East of North. Another major wobble because I have never seen the compasses move this much in such a short time!

On Dec 10, 2007: My compasses in Bethelehem, PA are basically at 58 degrees West of North and staying there for now.

On Dec 8, 2007: Today, my compasses in Bethelehem, PA both moved more West of North. They were at 40 degrees and went to about 48 degrees. Again, in over 5 years of doing this, only until recently have the compasses moved anywhere past 30 degrees West or East of North.

On Dec 7, 2007: My compasses in Bethelehem, PA definitely moved 10 degrees. They were at about 30 degrees West of North and now read about 40 degrees West of North.

On Nov 20, 2007: Today there was another change. My compasses in Bethelehem, PA are now back to the September reading of about 28 degrees West of North. Not as extreme as the recent one.

On Nov 11, 2007: At 7:56 am my compasses in Bethelehem, PA now read 30° West of North. They moved even more West than days before. Then at 2:19 pm in the afternoon I checked the compasses and the move is now about 58° West of North. Never seen it go this far before.

On Oct 24, 2007: My compasses in Bethelehem, PA showed another swing from West of North to 16 degrees East of North. Sure enough, colder weather from the high heat we had recently here on the East Coast.

On Sep 26, 2007: My compasses in Bethelehem, PA have changed again. They both now read 28 degrees West of North. Never seen so erratic changes so frequently now.

On Oct 10, 2007: My compasses in Bethelehem, PA moved big-time again on Oct.10. For the past couple of years, it used to take months to get any changes. Now, it appears to be happening quicker - weeks apart. As reported on 9/26, it was at 16 degrees EAST of North. Now it reads 28 degrees WEST of North. Wobble must be happening more frequently.

On Sep 26, 2007: Big change in my2 compases in Bethelehem, PA today. Must be the wobble. On August 7th, it was about 30° West of North. Today, both went to about 16° East of North. What does this mean if anything? In the past, it meant colder weather on the way.

On Aug 6, 2007: Strange observations today. Started my day in South Bend, In. Noticed my N on my compass pointing nearly due West, just slightly North of geographic West. Cleveland, same. Now just went through Jamestown, NY and N is WNW.

On Jul 24, 2007: My compasses in Bethelehem, PA on June 28 showed due North. Today, they swung again to about 20 degrees West of North. In the past couple of times, it always was a sign of warm/hot weather.

On Jun 28, 2007: Both of my compasses in Bethelehem, PA moved for the first time in months. If you recall, on your website, they went East of North in Oct 2006. Then later, when warmer weather hit, they swung 18-20 degrees West of North and have been there for some time now. Now they are back to Due North - dead on to the spot that I first set them up with. Something changed again.

On Oct 25, 2006: I check my 2 compasses in Bethelehem, PA daily. There has not been any movement since May. But just this morning, I checked and both of them moved roughly 20 more degrees West of North! They were steadily at approximately 20 degrees West of North for months. Now today, they show 40+ degrees West of North. Huge movement. Something changed. As you know, I have never had any electronic devices in the area to affect them.

On May23, 2006: Been out of town for past 2 days at a trade show. Came back tonite and noticed my 2 compasses in Bethelehem, PA have turned considerably. I reported in February that they were about 12 degrees East of North. Not much change over the past couple of months until now. Now, they both show 18 degrees WEST of North! Since I monitor every day, I am not sure if it happened today or yesterday.

On Feb 13, 2006: My compasses in Bethelehem, PA acting crazy. Recorded 4 different compass readings this morning - weird. Have a fairly decent compass. At any rate I do not think that North should be in 4 different positions at 4 different intervals.

On Feb 11, 2006: For the 1st time since I have been monitoring the compasses here in Bethlehem, PA, the 2 compasses both show about 12 degrees East of North ! The past 2 years, the compasses have always been dead-on North, traveled West of North a little, then recently went to an extreme West of North. Now, it is actually East of North by about 12 degrees.

On Feb 10, 2006: My 2 compasses here in Bethlehem, PA moved almost back to normal over the night. They show only slightly off due North, whereas before, it was over 40 degrees from Jan 8th until now. Do not know what that means.

On Jan 8, 2006: I don't know if my 2 compasses are going nuts but they have moved again several days ago. If you recall, for months they were directly due North here in Bethlehem, PA. Suddenly, one day in December, they registered about 32 degrees more West. Now they are both at 40 degrees West of North. I do not know of any energy sources that would have affected the compasses since for months they were right on North. I have no real logical explanation.

On Dec 15, 2005: My 2 compasses remain pointing about 32 degrees West instead of due North, here in Bethlehem PA. This change happened several days ago and since, have not moved again.

On Dec 8, 2005: USA Today Earth's north magnetic pole is drifting away from North America and toward Siberia at such a clip that Alaska might lose its spectacular Northern Lights in the next 50 years, scientists said Thursday.

On Dec 7, 2005: My 2 compasses, which have been pointing due North for the last couple of months here in Bethlehem PA, are now showing about a 32 degree angle to the West! Huge movement suddenly since the day before, it was right on North.

On July 22 2005: Be it in the morning or be it in the afternoon, today my compass here in Italy gave my south not at 180° but at 144°, the deviation opposite to what it has been in the past!

On June 11 2005: For centuries, the magnetic North Pole was ours, a constant companion that wandered the rolling tundra and frozen seas of our Arctic. But no more. A Canadian scientist who recently returned from a trip to measure the Pole's current location says it has now left Canadian territory and crossed into international waters. The pole, which, unlike the geographic North Pole, is in constant movement, has been within modern Canadian borders since at least the 1600s -- the time of Shakespeare and Sir Isaac Newton.

On May 31 2005: The May 30th storm began when, for no obvious reason, the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth tipped south. This caused a hole to open in Earth's magnetic field through which solar wind could flow. Solar wind energy, in turn, fueled the unexpected auroras.

On May 23 2005: My compass is showing East by 25° here in El Paso!

On May 14 2005: This morning, I bought a 2nd compass to place next to the one I had and North is now about 40 degrees different. It was about 16 degrees a couple of days ago and as of yesterday, it was still at 16 degrees. The alignment of my compass did not change and the 2nd compass points to the same place. There are no electrical appliances, wires etc that I know of different than what I started with 8 weeks ago. Are we being bombarded with solar flares that might alter the magnetics? Tonight, the Sun was practically setting magnetic North by the pointing of the compass. From my bedroom, the Sun was West since it does face West. But the 2 compasses both showed the Sun at near North. Something strange is happening. [Note: a G3 Geomagnetic Storm, highest per NOAA, was reported for May 15]

On May 11 2005: About 8 weeks ago, I positioned a compass in my bedroom facing due North. Each day, I have been checking and it has been right on. Last night I checked and it was off by about 16 degrees! The magnetic North moved. I verified it this morning and it was the same reading. Magnetic North is not where it was yesterday.

On April 17 2005: Some time today Mount Ida British Columbia Vortex reversed direction. Since February 17 the vortex had been causing deviations up to 11° towards the East. Today it is reading 11° to the West. In late March, the fluctuations had between 4 and 9 degrees East. On April 7, I looked at the magnetic compass and found it at 030, the greatest deviation I had seen, 11° East of the normal 019. This afternoon the reading was 008, or 11° West of normal.

On April 8 2005: My compass told me last night here in El Paso, TX that magnetic north was 25-30° East of old true North. A big drift East!

On March 22 2005: There are three Norths - Grid, True and Compass. My compass tells me Magnetic N is consistently 15° to 20° East of True N (as we knew it).

On January 8 2005: Noting a Magnetic Storm on NOAA, Last time this happened, the space station dropped considerably out of orbit. What could be causing this? There have been no strong flares lately or coronal holes that have been forecast to reach the earth.

On December 13 2004: I have noticed over the past weeks an anomaly with my magnetic compass. As we all know if we walk due South on a bearing of 270° then our magnetic North will lie at 180°to this i.e. 00/360°. So if we, say, then pivot 180° on our heels and face towards the direction of "North as defined by reference to a 180° back bearing from South" then we find here in Stoke-on-Trent , England (53.04610 North at 2.15872 West) that North is not to be found at “North" at all but shows to be resting at between 330° to 335° degrees on the compass dial (hand-held). I have asked several of my friends to check this at their home locations and all agree that there is a compass anomaly. This seems to suggest that magnetic North and South are "not reciprocally related to one another currently". This is a little technical for some,perhaps, but if we can show that no matter where one is on the planet, an entity cannot find magnetic North as being 180° reciprocal to magnetic South then this may be a bit of scoop.

On November 17 2004: Today something happened here in Hungary. Yesterday my friend set the compass in a place on his desk, and on the compass, the North direction was parallel to the wall. Today, we made it again, and the North-direction has moved to the East, from our point. I saw, that the compass has15-20% excursion to the East, showing the North direction.

On November 9 2004: Every day I check my N and S with digital compass here in Italy to see the difference. Just this morning I found my N at 335° which means N deviation of 25° . [and from another source] I believe you would love the following article (unfortunately there is no English version) Specialists from Central Military and Technical Institute (Russia) have noticed a shift of Earth’s geomagnetic poles by 200 km. Leading specialist of the Institute explains it as a “geomagnetic influence of nearby space systems”. This causes weather anomalies and change of Earth rotation speed. Scientist warns that current changes need to be understood in order to consider their practical consequences. He believes that an increasing number of plane crashes could be caused by this phenomenon.

On November 7 2004: Magnetic N now 18° East of old true north here in El Paso

On October 29 2004: Magnetic North is 23° East of old true North here in El Paso.

On October 20 2004: There was a big bounce on the HAARP magnetometers yesterday [Oct 20]. Sweeping arms of the Sun? Every monitor, worldwide, failed to pickup by the geo synchonous satellites, between the Dark and Face points on Oct 20. It is suspected that the satellites lost their place overhead, and could not make the pickup, or were otherwise overwhelmed by a surge of some kind. Note the timing of the HAARP Surge occurs during the same 12 hour period!

On October 5 2004: I have had my compass taped to a shelf for the last year. As of Sept 22nd, magnetic north has moved 14-16 degrees to the East. It has not gone back to its former readings. I'm up here in Maine.

On September 9 2004, a National Geographic article, reporting 'Earth's magnetic field is fading. Today it is about 10 percent weaker than it was when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss started keeping tabs on it in 1845.'

On September 6 2004: Last month, North was in the exact corner of my bedroom. Now North is 10 degrees to the left (West). However, that was this morning. I just checked it and it is looking more like 20 degrees. [and from another] As a sailor on the big Lake Erie, I have noticed that north this year has had a variation of about 8 to 10 degrees. This year there seems to be a large amount of variation, as opposed to past years where there was no noticeable changes during the boating season. I know that my compass is working fine, since my GPS can verify what course I am running. [and from another] A 10 degreess drift in one day is startling, normally barely 1 degree per year. [and from another] Last night, I noticed that Mag N has moved about 10 degrees toward the East! Checked again at 12:01 AM Sept 6th, and Mag N is now 21 degrees east of where it was.[and from another] I am a satellite technician so I am always looking at my compass in order to point satellite dishes to the right satellites and I have noticed some changes recently. The Dishnetwork birds are at 180 azimuth here, which is straight South. Last week I took a compass reading, located 180 on the compass and pointed the dish. Guess what? No signal! I had to move the dish to the West about 10 degrees to find the signals. I always make sure there are no metal objects nearby when I take a reading because it interferes with the magnetic field and causes a false reading. I use a lensatic compass which is nothing real fancy, just functional, and have had the same one since I began my career 5 years ago, so I feel pretty confident in its accuracy.

On Aug 7 2004: The Global on Aug 7 spiked at 10:00 UTC. Note that the unusual HAARP spikes were centered around this time also. Aug 4 HAARP provided for comparison.

On Aug 3 2004: Last night magnetic N is 10-11° E of True N.

On Jul 18 2004: An Admission of anomalies.

On June 6 2004: One month plots comparing current to last year shows similar activity within the Trimesters. Recent crop circles have implied these Trimesters, which the HAARP documentation shows. The presence of Planet X is apparent in that the years from May 2003 to the present, when it was in the inner solar system, the HAARP charts show a stronger spread than the prior year, consistently.

On May 24 2004: Monday, May 24, 2004, in El Paso, Texas at 19:25 hrs, the Sun was Alt 19°, Azi 310° True North, 287° magnetic (a difference of 23° for the compass).

On April 29 2004: I took a compass reading at my house in NC and North was off 5° to the NW. I know for a fact because North was always in perfect alignment with the back window, but now it’s 5° NW! So something is definitely up.

On April 20 2004: I have been measuring the shift in location of magnetic north and True North since printing out the Yahoo street map for my neighborhood here in El Paso. At night magnetic north, according to my compass ranges between 12° and 20°, but when the Sun comes up the variation is less, as I get readings of 8° to 15° W of True North.

On April 12 2004: I have been checking the HAARP site which records the movement of the earth's magnetic poles. For not quite 24 hrs, the earth's magnetic poles have stood still so to speak. Is this also an indication of the effect of the sweeping arms/tilt and backup of the the earth's orbit? [Note: monitors dead still for over 24 hours during the Apr 11-12 Sweep, not recording anything.]

On April 11 2004: I've lived in this same home since 1982. This is approximately 350 miles north-west of NYC. Whenever I've randomly checked it before, the north pole has always read in the same location on a compass. Today I checked it and It appears to have shifted sometime in the past year or so. It has moved about 5 degrees eastward. I'm located out in the country as shown in the attached target="_top">Satellite Photo. There aren't any towers, buildings, steel or anything new in the home to cause this change. Although the annotated picture doesn't have a calibrated scale, the measured shift is 5 degrees east. This shift appears to be outside the normal magnetic deviation one might expect over a geologically short period of time, such as 6 months. A friend of mine with a combination GPS and compass receiver did a measurement from his home near Columbia, SC today. He too, observed a shift of 5 degrees east. He is a former airforce officer and pilot, and tells me this is an unusual deviation over a short time period. He said his last check on this was about 6 months ago. Columbia is approximately 600 miles almost exactly due south of here. [Note: this excellent report from Rense site.]

On March 14 2004: Today in El Paso, I noted a 5° West drift of magnetic N from my old mark. Also, I noticed that when magnetic N/S sun shadow N is 0/360 the S is at 175°. At 13:15 the Azi and Mag S were 165° and N at 340°. I am unable to explain the variation over 75 minutes. [Note: this matches the short bow of a magnet noted by Italy on February 16 in Italy.]

On March 3 2004: Today in El Paso, Texas, at 12:00 hours MST I went to my backyard North/South Sun Shadow zone to observe a noontime shadow. At that time the Sun was at Azi S 160-N 340 and Alt was 50° N of horizon and 40° S of dome. There was a variation of magnetic North from my mark of last two months in the compass showed a drift 7° W of old mark. The N/S Sun shadow arrived at 12:45 hrs. Again that was 7° W of where magnetic N used to be. This is so frustrating.

On February 16 2004: For a few days now I noted here in Italy that my South is not the same because my digital compass gives 160° -165°, I have noted this in the past but only temporary and north is not opposite to this value . North and South can be not opposite?

On January 19 2004: Checking my compass now in Vancouver, it seems to be pointing about 5-7 degrees too far west.

On January 17 2004: I have been watching a magnetic compass for about 6 weeks now. It is not under the influence of any nearby magnetic fields. There has been no movement when I read it at 6 AM, noon and 6 PM daily. Until Saturday the 17th , 2004 at the 6 PM reading. The compass showed a 2 degree pull to the east. It was back to normal by 6 A M the next morning. This reading was from the 4 corners area of Colorado.

On January 16 2004: On magnetic pole drift, by weeks I was monitoring where the needle points here in South America. I have a Boyscout compass but I noticed several changes in the neddle direction, the pole looks to move to our actual West up to 45 degrees and swings from 15 to 45 degrees then going back. I noticed those changes even by the minute last Saturday.

On December 14 2003: In the Carolina mountains tonight my small desk compass is off by more than 30 degrees NE of normal. Usual fluctuation is 5-8 degrees. Ten days ago was off by at least 25 degrees. [and from another poster] Field must be fluctuating a bit lately. I´ve had some off readings lately too. I have more than one compass, and all had the same readings. [and from another poster] Mine is off about 13-14 degrees to NNWest in CT. [and from another poster] Washington DC area - compass pointing NWesterly.

On December 3 2003: In Alaska my compass is pointing East.! Just happened! I have lived up here all my life and I can tell you that our compasses point north or a little northeast or west at times, but never never do they point 48 degrees from normal. It is pointing east, and a little south! Close to Anchorage, southcentral. I have 2 sources. One compass away from any interference, ie speakers, TVs and such. Also have a large computer magnet attatched to our ceiling with paper underneath to mark the degrees away from any other magnetic sources and they are reading the same variation. [and from another poster] Connecticut reporting in. I have a cheap floating compass and it is pointing east at the wall that should be North! I checked again, it has swung back toward normal, but still seems a bit NE instead of N. [and from another poster] In the Carolina Mountains, 33-34 latitude, 83-84 longtitude, tonight my compass is more than 25 degrees NE of usual! The past six months the compass swings back and forth 6-8%, but never as much as this! My compass is not a ´good´ one, but it lies in the same place on my desktop and there is nothing around to cause it to swing off. [and from another poster] I am in north central BC and mine is NE more east than it should be though. I am in the bush I do use my compass so do not think anything is wrong with it. [and from another poster] I took out my Army Engineers compass, the reading was still showing magnetic north a full 10 degrees off expected position. I also took to compass to an outside location to validate and remove any possible variables due to wiring etc. At this point in time, I see something terribly wrong with the earth´s magnetics. I have confered with many in the know. If what I am measuring is for real, and I suspect that it is, we are experiencing events which are a first for historically recorded human experience.

On December 1 2003: My compass is mounted on a desk to check for changes. In the past two weeks, it has moved further westward, 5 degrees the first time, then two days later about 4 more and then about 4 days later another 4 degrees. I also noted at the same time of the above compass changes there were world-wide quakes, listed at

On November 25 2003: I live in Charlottesville, VA. I have been watching my compass very closely for weeks. Taking Nov 10 as a starting point, here´s a short list of the movement of magnetic north: a 3 degree move westward lasting for a few days, an additional 5 degree move, a pullback to 7 degrees westward lasting for a day, a return to 3 degrees westward from reference point, an 18 degree swing eastward on Nov 20, a further 4 degree swing eastward on Nov 25, a 2 degree retreat westward the the current position. In summary, in just over two weeks the magnetic north pole has moved within a range of 27 degrees. The current position of magnetic north is way eastward. [and from another source] I measured the difference in degrees between my two marks in El Paso today. Originally the magnetic N mark was 42 d W of bldg face. Today it is 33 d W. A diff of 9 d. I am pondering the cause of the change. The dbl shadow is back today, but it is only 4" W of bldg facade shadow.

On November 23 2003: During the 10 minutes prior to noon my shadow seemed to wobble and the compass needle moved with the shadow. This is the sort of thing that I think would be received by others with great skepticism. There were no clouds in the sky. I am sure I saw the movement. Of course, I did not feel a any wobble.

On November 19 2003: Magnetic North is a place lost. It moves about now. Wednesday, I had the time to check my magnetic North mark against my compass. I had to move it West 5 degrees.

On November 15 2003: My digital compass on my watch no longer has an eastward component. It has in either direction been registering either N, S, or W. And when you are supposedly due E it is showing West at 270 degrees. This has been occurring [Nov 15] for 4 days now. [and from another source] I have been watching this chart for a month now. It rises and falls, reflecting the stability of the magnetic field that surrounds the earth. Just this week it started doing something completely different. First it had a kinda siezure, where it looked like a seizmograph, then the red and blue graph lines started going in the opposite directions. The red line is a positively charged pole and the blue line represents the negatively charged pole. Up until now they have appeared to be dependant upon each other, traveling in parallel paths, sharing energy crossing paths but flowing in tandum. Now this week they are each headed in the oppocite direction. I looked back into the archived charts and this is not normal.

On November 9 2003: The Sweeping Arms of the Sun were expected to push Planet X and the Earth closer together around Nov 14. Compare these charts starting on November 9 with those during the much publicized X Class flare dates of Oct 24-26!

On October 24 2003: Much publicized X Class flares were expected from the Sun, but little reaction in magnetic flux!

On September 6 2003: Saturday night I got a call from a friend who has fixed a very nice U. S. Navy compass to his desk. He said that he was working when movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention. He looked closely at the compass, and the needle had moved 3 degrees from the true North matrix. While he was watching, it moved another 2 degrees, and about 30 minutes later moved back 2 degrees.

On September 6 2003: I took out my compass to get a reading of the position of the noonday Sun on Sep 7 and observed that it is positioned too far to the South as it crosses the Ecliptic.

On August 31 2003: I set up a compass on a table upon a piece of paper here in New York state. I aligned it to North and drew marks where it pointed to (the North, South, East, and West) and I’ve actually seen the needle move 3 degrees to the West. It has now deviated about 1 degree back to the East in a period of just 2 hours or less time. The magnetic fields sure are going crazy.

On August 26 2003: This morning I noticed a strong variation (15°) in my two compasses [Italy], one of them digital. It is confirmed from other country?

On August 23 2003 Magnetometer graph shows that since the first week of August there has been a definite eastward trend as shown by the upward curve of the red line.

On August 21 2003 extreme magnetic fluctuations were noted when the Atlantic Rift was facing Planet X, the point where a Global Quake occurred.

 On August 18 2003: My compass which I have been watching daily, has been off 12-13 degrees to the East for two days. It has been in this position since Sunday, August 17. I live in NC.

On August 11 2003: Up here on St Mary's river, Lake Superior, compasses going goofy at odd times in different locations than usual. Yes, there are fixed anomalies in Lake Superior, but we knew where they are. Now they come and go. I work on a research boat, so we are very aware of compass variations.

On August 8 2003: I have a compass on my desk an have noticed 15 degree variations in north a number of times (5+) over a peroid of 15 min or so between 8 and 12 AM, Aug 8, 2003 in Jacksonville, FL. I also noticed that the HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer is quite active in variations. It would be interesting to have a statistical or trend type analysis on this HAARP data. This spoils my old boy scout idea of being able to follow a trail by a compass. 15 degree changes in minutes would throw one off course.

On July 29 2003 a Coverup emerged, where the monitors were turned off for a time, in step with under-reporting of earthquakes. Fluctuations were noted:

On July 12 2003 the magnetometers again were Surging and stations virtually next to each other often in opposition as the intense grip of the Atlantic Rift was increasing prepartory to rotation stoppage.

On June 18 2003 the HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer showed wild fluctuation not present the year before. The excuse that solar flares are responsible for fluxuation does not take into account Global Quakes occurring at key Atlantic Rift positions vs a vs Planet X, nor does it take into account the Photos showing an inbound brown dwarf arriving between the Earth and the Sun, or the recent Red Moon/Dust phenomena. Re solar flares, we must take the word of NASA and the Navy, who withhold all Hubble images as a direct feed to the public and are increasingly caught doctoring their SOHO images of the Sun.