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Mt Weather, VA

Take a look at Mt. Weather in northwest Virginia. It´s the FEMA headquarters and is the designated location for the continuity of government. It´s close to DC, there´s an underground rail running to the base there, it´s got armed guards at the gate. It´s hardened to withstand a direct nuclear strike on the mountain. You won´t be finding any floorplans for Mt. Weather on the internet.

Few Americans -- indeed, few Congressional representatives -- are aware of the existence of Mount Weather, a mysterious underground military base carved deep inside a mountain near the sleepy rural town of Bluemont, Virginia, near the border with West Virginia, just 46 miles from Washington DC. Mount Weather -- also known as the Western Virginia Office of Controlled Conflict Operations -- is buried not just in hard granite, but in secrecy as well. Mount Weather contains a working duplicate of the Executive Branch of the Federal government, ready to swing into action at a moment´s notice. Mount Weather personnel also maintain a database of information on U.S. citizens.