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Oct 5, 2004

Early-morning Fireball Streaks across Colorado Sky
Several 9News viewers e-mailed us with accounts of what appeared to be a low-flying meteor. One witness says he was walking through Bow Mar around 6:00 a.m. Tuesday and saw a shooting star, comet or something traveling from north to south at about 15 degrees off the horizon. It was travelling horizontal and according to witnesses was much larger than any shooting star they'd ever seen. Another witness in Fort Collins saw a similar event around 5:50 a.m. It was described as a flying object which was believed to be a meteor. It was moving fast and straight from east to west and had a huge trail of fire behind it. We contacted the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and workers there also received calls about the flash in the sky.
The sunrise was beautiful sunday morning [10/3/04]. As I drove to walk my dog along the Columbia River, heading east in the direction of Mt. Hood I could clearly see a lighted object on the horizon which was large and unlike anything I had ever seen before.
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