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Orbit Aberrations: Earth/MarsMoon

And all things on the earth shall alter,
And shall not appear in their time:
And the moon shall alter her order,
And not appear at her time.
And in those days the sun shall be seen and he shall journey in the evening on the extremity of the great chariot in the west
And shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light.
And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order (prescribed).
And these shall alter their orbits and tasks,
And not appear at the seasons prescribed to them.
And the whole order of the stars shall be concealed,
And the thoughts of those on the earth shall err concerning them,
Book of Enoch

Orbit Halt is implied in the Solstice and Twist crop circles and a 3,600 Relic and is determined by the constellations being out of place. Ecliptic Rise or Drop is determined by both hemispheres finding the Sun rising and setting too far South or North, as in the 2006 Solstice. Earth Tilt is determined by constellations out of place. Simulating the Seasons is done via both these maneuvers. The Zetas explain how the 24 hour day and Moon orbit continue to seem normal in a halted orbit, and why ocean sloshing is not exorbitant during the wobble.

In September, 2009, the Figure 8 wobble continued.

In December, 2008, many noted the Moon's orbit more erratic. The Figure 8 wobble continues to be very evident.

During October-November 2008, the Figure 8 pattern is reflecting the drift of the magnetic N Pole of Earth toward Siberia. A strong, almost Violent Push away of the magnetic N Pole has developed when the Sun is centered over Alaska. Prior to that during the wobble the Sun too high in the sky over N America, giving unusually warm temperatures.

In March 2008, the Figure 8 wobble pattern continued, but with greater fury. The Moon swung from a NE to SE position within an hour, as documented in the Netherlands.

In November 2007, the wobble came back with a fury. The Figure 8 pattern was continuing, but with wider swings. A dramatic Double Global shows the push against the N Pole and the bounce back 12 hours later. Magnetic Swings show the N Pole push. The Zetas explain.

In May 2007, the Lurch Eased, moved into an intermittent lean by May, as Earth lay more steadily in a side-by-side position with Planet X. The Progress of the 270° roll since early 2006 has put the Earth temporarily in a comfortable side-by-side alignment. Message Boards still report the Sun North.

In April 2007 the Lurch Continued, and the Message Board noted the Sun North.

In March 2007, the former Figure 8 wobble changed! An Intermittent Lurch appeared instead. The Zetas Explain. Between Apr 4-9 an IERS Flatline occured, related.

Jul 15, 2005 Notice: In consideration of a very heavy interview schedule due to the startup of a new Radio Station and the point of Orbit anomalies such as Moon orbit, and Orion and SCP and Polaris position having been made, no further Orbit information will be compiled and posted. As with Weather and Quake updates after the year 2000, and the Sci-Astro Debates after April, 2003, and the Photos section after May, 2004, nothing has changed, but the point has been made.

In July 2005, Polaris askew renewed!

In June 2005, the Figure 8 more extreme, Many Noticing. In June, Casiopia extreme, Polaris askew. In June, the Moon North, then Moon South, per pattern.

In May 2005, the Figure 8 continued, with Scotland Measure, Swiss Measure, Japan Measure, official Canadian Admission, and GPS Proof. In May, Polaris/SCP cockeyed, Ursa Major high in the dome. In May, the Moon South per pattern, and Tides confirm. In May, SWAN shows a centered Planet X.

In April 2005, the Figure 8 continued. In April, Ursa Major high and offset, with the Handle Offset, and Polaris Skewed. In April, the Moon Lifting North beyond expectations, during Eclipse, then too far South per Pattern, then Returning North. In April, SWAN continues to show a backlit Planet X.

In March 2005, the Figure 8 continued, visually Caught by Satellite, and noted in a Polaris/SCP wobble! In March Orion High in the dome, Ursa Major high in the dome, and Jupiter Tilted, but the Equinox occurred in Apparent Precision. In March, the Moon Tilted.

In February 2005, the Figure 8 Continued with increasing Left Lean and confirmed in Italy with dramatic Fountain change. In February, Moon Pattern rapidly changing, Rapid Rotation captured on film, and Extreme Orbit noted. In February, SWAN Consistent.

In January 2005, the Figure 8 Continued as shown by Weather Maps and Weather Reports, with an increasing Lean to the Left with a distinct tilt for Sweden, Australia, Americas, and Malaysia. In January, the wobble becoming Visually Obvious and proven by SOHO Comparisons! In January, the Constellations offset. In January, the Moon Orbit also tilted and showing Rapid Wobble. In January, SWAN belatedly returns.

In December 2004, Sun South After Solstice supported by photos from Caribbean, but Sun North in Japan! In December 2004, Venus Out of Place, a Polaris Wobble and a Orion Wobble and a SCP Wobble and a Sigma Octantis Wobble noted. In December, the Tip Continued, documented in SpaceWeather photos, trends of Sun South seen in Japan and West Coast and the Midwest and Chile and Australia, trends of lean in Italy and Sweden, and effect of Atypical Weather and Winds increasing, but the Wobble Erratic as shown by Weather Maps! In December, SWAN Down.

In November 2004, wobble shows Atlantic Rift Tug, and Observations match, with sudden November Tip noted. In November, SWAN reveals Objects, not there in Past Years. One is identified as a Comet, but a Stationary object may be Planet X. Note that at the Orbit Halt last December, SWAN matched activity with the Comet/Tail phenomena that emerged in photos at that time. In November, the Moon Face rotation increasing, Moon Size change too, both due to Earth wobble.

Nov 1, 2004 Notice: In consideration of a heavier interview schedule and more rapid Earth changes, and the point having been made, only extraordinary or pressing orbit information will be posted henceforth. This Orbits page documents that the Earth is halted and tilted, the Moon's orbit slanted overhead, the Sun seen arching too high or too far North or South, the Earth wobble, and the constellations and celestial poles far out of place. As with Weather and Quake updates after the year 2000, and the Sci-Astro Debates after April, 2003, and the Photos section after May, 2004, nothing has changed, but the point has been made.

In October 2004, Orion and Polaris and Ursa Major offset. In October the Sun North in Alaska and South in the Caribbean, but Earth wobble slowing per Korea documentation and Weather Maps, but Summer early in Australia, then a Wobble Increase per many reports and Weather Maps, with Extreme changes noted and a Wobble Captured. In October, a Sun Shadow implies Planet X position, moving Retrograde. In October, the Moon Too Full, too far South, and a Partial Eclipse offset, then after the Total Eclipse way off and the then Moon suddenly North.

In September 2004, South Celestial Pole offset, Milky Way/Ursa Major offset, Pleiades/Orion offset, Mars misplaced, and SOHO Background and Flare doctoring exposed. In September, Earth Wobble and Wobble Change evident, documented at GOES with actual wobble noted in New York, suddenly North in Vancouver, very North in Alaska, wobble change in Japan but Sun North in Korea, sunset South in Melbourne, wobble change in Italy but Sun North in Europe, wobble change in Wisconsin but Sun South in El Paso. In September, Venus remaining too bright, huge, and offset. In September, the Moon more erratic than ever, and Moon Face wobbling.

In August 2004, Orion puzzle solved and 45° Tilt documented, Ursa Major at Winter posture, Polaris offset, Earth Wobble increasing, a sudden Sunset South for Seattle with a Sunrise North for El Paso, then later Sun South in eastern N America and Increasing, with Cold Spot migration and Increasing, and Temp Extremes, and Inbound increasing. In August, a Growing Venus, Lingering, and coming Closer and Closer Still. In August, the Moon North, then Suddenly South in Italy and N America, despite Moon Facts.

In July 2004, an Atlantic cold spot, the Southern Cross askew, and the Sun North and Sun Huge and moving North after Solstice as captured in Japan photos and leaning right per El Paso report, an Earth Wobble evident in Peru, which the Zetas Explain and Increasing per Italy photos, and 270° Roll speculation. In July, a Looming Venus captured from Florida showing a Monster size compared to Expected and Rising Early, Light Source divergent. In July, the Dark Twin visible. In July, the Moon Face rotating, Increasingly during an Orbit Wobble, Ebb Tide increasing, Times contradictory, and Moon South.

In June 2004, the Sun Arc too high and early and Sun North, Ursa Major askew and Scorpius upside down, the Solstice early and Stonehenge a bust, an Alberta Midnight Sun and another Tilt North. In June, during the Venus Transit with Past Transits a comparison, the SOHO Doctors exposed in a Slip, a sunset Venus still visible in Italy and California, then SOHO Down before and During the transit, and Moon and Swirls during and Odd Objects after near the Sun. In June, the Dark Twin behind the Earth. In June, the Moon Late, the Moon North, and Reflecting more than sunlight.

In May 2004, GoTo Scopes not working, Jupiter misplaced, Saturn Offset, the Ecliptic skewed, Star Backdrop off, Constellation debate alive, the Solstice early, Ursa Major far west, Venus too high but Vancouver and Caribbean photos document, the Transit ephemeral, the Hudson Bay cold spot dropped, the N Pole offset, the Sun Arc skewed, and the Sun North. In May, the Dark Twin found near Venus, dramatic Photo. In May, a Blood Red Eclipse of the Moon was billed as normal, noted in Russia, with a Tilted Face and Shifting Orbit noted, and Moon Late.

In April 2004, Polaris Askew was again documented, Polaris Pivot explained, Viewing Tips offered, Orion misplaced, Venus too high, and Vancouver photo proof this year is different. In April, orbit halt demonstrated by SOHO deception with Mercury Missing and Background incorrect, Star Identification, and SOHO vs Navy differing. In April, a Dark Twin looming, the Blue Orb of Jan/Feb recognized, More Reports, a Wisconsin sighting, and a Dark Twin potentially captured. In April, the Moon first to the extreme South and Over Bright due to lean, then a Tilt to North, with a Moon/Jupiter switch documented.

In March 2004, Venus was too bright and out of place, Sun Placement the reverse of expected, and the planets out of place with Mars Missing, and during the anticipated Mar 23 planet lineup an Inserted Mars, clearly a Doctored Mars in a number of photos on a NASA affiliated web site, the best doctoring from the Netherlands, with Mars in a Crowded star field. In March, a steady Tilt/Lean increase was noted, and after the Mar 26 Sweep a dramatic change of 15° noted, in the Moon and Planet placements also. In March, a Moon Face tilt was noted, and Phase Early.

In February 2004, the Constellations and Polaris were out of place in the night sky. Comets C/2001 Q4 and C/2002 T7 Came Early, by three months, proving a reversed orbit, and a Venus/Moon conjunction did not line up while the Mars/Moon conjunction was ignored. A Pattern of Sweeping Arms every two weeks has emerged, as would be expected. In February, the geographic N Pole moved into Mongolia, as worldwide Weathermap Photos show, continuing to Feb 15 and Feb 20 and Feb 28, and a Polaris Wobble measured. In February, an Ecliptic Drop to align side-by-side with a Planet X just under the Ecliptic, is supported by Italian photos. In February, in concert with the Feb 6 Sweep, the Moon once again was out of place, and too far North.

In January 2004, Italian photos show a potential reversal, as do Vancouver Almanac vs Navy times. In January, Fabrizio's Report shows a distinct tilt, confirmed by reports Worldwide, with the N Pole drifting to Iceland and thence to Siberia, dramatically demonstrated by photos from Japan. The Zetas confirm. In January, Ecliptic rise was supported by Italian photos on Jesolo Webcam, Fabrizio's Report, and Giusmar's Photos showing a sudden rise, and an Australia report confirming a rise in the southern hemisphere. The Zetas confirm. In January, the Moon Orbit Off in a different direction, Full too Long, and a noted Moon Tilt!

In December 2003, Ecliptic Rise was supported by photos from Japan. In December, the Erratic Moon reports continued, with a N/S Moon was reported, and Extreme Orbit reports continued!

In November 2003, Orbit Slowed and Ecliptic Rise continued, and during the Eclipse this was supported by a photo series from Holland, and by Orion observations. The North Star (Polaris) was off center, Tilt Tug was again noted. In November, during the Eclipse, a slowed orbit was supported by eyewitness accounts. In November, the Erratic Moon reports continued, with the Eclipse showed reflection of light on the Moon from a second source, Mars Out of Place, and the Moon Moving.

In October 2003, Orbit Slowed questions on the Earth orbit were supported by concam evidence from Florida and Arizona. In October, Ecliptic Rise was supported by concam evidence from Florida, and webcam evidence from New Zealand. In October the Mars Orbit was seemingly delayed, Erratic Moon reports continued, with the Moon behind schedule and out of Moon Phase.

In September 2003, Ecliptic Rise was captured in photos. Slowing rotation was noted in Earth Tilt and High Noon analysis. In September, Moon/Mars placement again came into question, and Erratic Moon reports continued.

In August 2003, the Earth Tilt was in question, according to Star Chart analysis. In August Earth orbit changes were in question, supported by Longitude analysis. Speculation as to orbit changes was supported by photographic evidence. In August, Erratic Moon reports continued.

In July 2003, a Moon/Mars conjunction had raised questions, and Erratic Moon reports began.

The Earth may be halting, reversing, tilting, rising up or down at times, then righting itself, the Moon off kilter temporarily then finding its orbit around Earth's middle again. The orbit of Mars, also magnetic, appears to have been retarded.