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ZetaTalk: Elite Enclaves
written Jan 10, 2004

The Zetas mentioned that the Elite are commandeering whole geographical areas and sealing them off with landmines and armed guards; and that they are targeting survival groups upon which to base an economy in the Aftertime. Would the Zetas care to mention any geographical areas to avoid?

As we have mentioned, the elite have belatedly come to realize they have No Place to Run, having arrogantly assumed that their pacts with Service-to-Self aliens to lift them to safety would be honored, or this pact failing that bunkering into mountain sides would be fail safe, and that in any case all of these efforts would be guarded by the might of the US Military. Of course, Service-to-Self aliens lie, and would in any case not be allowed to rescue those humans who had given them the Call, as the Council of Worlds will only allow those in the Service-to-Other such an offer, in that Earth voted to become a Service-to-Other planet during the Transformation. Thus those humans who assumed they would be lifted to safety to cities on the dark side of the Moon or to Mars, which by all appearances would be habitable with frozen water beneath the surface and an atmosphere capable of creating dust storms, were stunned, the hollow cry of the Bush Administration for manned Moon stations and a manned trip to Mars only bravado in the face of this failure.

Bunkering into mountains has been a favorite theme since the days of Mt. Weather, only the barest revelation of a massive undertaking to go underground, from Denver to Houston to Kokomo to Virginia, known to the public. As the Earth changes have commenced, the lock-down of plates during the deep quake that peaked in the 80’s and early 90’s, the move to domino quakes where the whole world felt the shutter of an adjustment anywhere on its surface, and the devastating effect of stretching, not even considered in prior calculations. The term ‘rock solid’ takes on grim overtones when this is rock that drops into the tunnels during stretching, or shifts to skew a doorway such that it cannot be opened. It is known that when rock is compressed radio static and compass interference occur, but those in underground chambers die mysteriously during intense rock compression, a surprise to their human masters who suddenly find themselves making other plans at this late hour.

The US Military, as we have mentioned and as has been suspected since the August vacation time of grim faces all around the Crawford Ranch in Texas, has bolted and no longer takes orders from the White House, all appearances aside. Thus, the elite, from arrogant politicians and corporate executives to the pampered wealthy, must make new plans. The result, not surprisingly, is to enclave in those countries or regions where the locals are either in sympathy with the elite or well suppressed and considered a slave class, to move their supplies and militia there under the guise of establishing vacation homes, and to encourage discussion in the media about the possibility of an interloper in the solar system along with the many prophecies anticipating this time, so that solid survival camps can be anticipated to form among the hardy, the basis of a new citizenry to be managed by the elite in the Aftertime, or so they hope.

These regions are, not surprisingly, in central Africa, Argentina, eastern Australia, Kazahstan, and Wyoming. Norway was considered an option until very recently, which explains the odd visit by Bush to this country in the past months. It should be noted that these spots give access to oil reserves in the case of Nigeria, Kazahstan, and it was hoped Norway with access to the North Fields. Argentina and Australia are harshly ultra-right, as is the Wyoming enclave of Cheney. Each of these enclaves allows outreach to land masses, in all directions, so are not expected to be isolated. Places avoided by the elite are areas expected to be crowded from overpopulated cities, such as the East Coast of the US, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Countries dominated by Islam are also avoided, due to anticipated culture clash and resultant hostility. Our advice to survivors, regardless of how friendly these new neighbors portray themselves, regardless of what gifts they come bearing or what offers of aid, avoid them, like the plague.