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Survival Booklet

A hip-pocket sized paperback Booklet which summarizes the information on the Troubled Times web site TOPICs. The booket is intended to be concise, covering the basics, and points to books or web site information for further information. Available in Adobe PDF format, which can be read and printed from an Adobe Reader, free to the public on the web as follows:
Cover, front and back
Table of Contents and Introduction
High Tech Note: continued in the next PDF document

Note this booklet can be reproduced en mass and distributed to the public, as long as the booklet is printed in total with no change, and there is no charge to the public whatsoever for printing or distribution. Printing facilities can mass produce these booklets from the PDF formats above, with ease. 

Note: the nonprofit was dissolved in 2013 and is no longer in operation. Prior to this, these products and prices were offered: We charge a fee of $7.50 per booklet. This charge is still below our cost to publish and includes postage. This small fee will simply allow us to produce more booklets. Sorry, no discounts on group orders. Questions? Contact: Troubled Times, Inc. A combo order of the CD's plus Survival Booklet, normally $11.60, can be mailed at cost for $10.00. For those preferring paper payments, in USD as cash, checks against a US bank, or a Money Order via snail mail. 

Note: This Survival Booklet is now also available translated into Russian or Hungarian or French.

Russian, in Adobe PDF format.
If the Russian site is busy, this Russian version can be secured from the
Nonprofit Site.
Also a
Russian Mini booklet in Adobe PDF format and ZIP format.

Hungarian, in Adobe PDF format, is available from the nonprofit site.

French, in Adobe PDF format, is also available from the nonprofit site.

Note: other translations can be facilitated by downloading these zip files (Text1.ZIP, Text2.ZIP, Text3.ZIP) composed of the booklet text with graphics, to be formulated into PageMaker for Adobe PDF versions.