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The Zetas talk about whether the Universe was created in a Big Bang and what Follows After, what relationship to all this Black Holes have, and why a Turnabout occurs; whether the Universe is filled with Dark Matter and has Space/Time Curves; how Gravity has many facets and where mankind goes awry in trying to create an Anti-Gravity Device; whether gravity is balanced by a Repulsion Force; why what makes Suns burn, and if there is a Solar Atmosphere; why there are frequently Binary Suns; why there are Solar Flares and how X-Rays relate; and why we won't see a Star Birth. The Zetas talk about how Atmosphere Building occurs; what causes Sonic Booms and the Earth's Rotation, Tides, and colorful Auroras; how Planetary Magnetism operates and why Gaseous Planets go in Opposition; how we can do better at Earthquake Predictions how EQ Clouds relate; what caused the Tunguska Explosion; and whether mankind can succeed at Deflecting Asteroids. The Zetas talk about how there are many types of Light Particles and Light Particle Bonds and what causes Red Shift; how gravity is caused by Gravity Particles and Gravity Flow and how this affects Galaxies; how Particle Flow and Energy Waves operate; what causes Ball Lightning; what happens during Ice Formation and Explosions; whether there are Subatomic Particles within subatomic particles; why man will not solve the Unified Theory nor is the current weather by Human Hand; and why only some ores have Ferromagnetism.

The Zetas talk about how life begins in a Water Cradle; how all life has Sentience to some degree; why some forms of Early Man seemed to die out; how DNA Building Blocks throughout the Universe differ; why we have Biorhythms; whether people can slow the Aging Process; what causes Auto-Immune Diseases and Spontaneous Human Combustion; what caused the Dinosaur Extinction; how Dolphin Talk can travel across an ocean; and whether we are about to experience Worldwide Infertility. The Zetas Talk about what the Mind/Body Connection is that gives rise to conscious thought; what function Brain Waves perform; what occurs during a Coma; whether humans only use 10% of their Brain Capacity; whether humans have an EQ as well as an IQ; and how Telekinesis occurs.

Prior to 2003, when Planet X was inbound, the Zetas talked about how the 12th Planet is disturbing the Earth's Magnetic Field and Gravity Field and solar system Equilibrium and Status Quo, with Resonance and Orbit Perturbations; why this causes what sounds like sonic Booms and Flashes; how these periodic visits are responsible for Pole Reversals and Rotation Reversals; why there is a Shift Threshold and to tilt is the Weakest Link and why a Close Pass is worse; why the Magnetic/Geographic poles do not align; what causes the meandering pattern of Wandering Poles; what the Chance of Collision is or an Rotation/Orbit change; whether a collision was responsible for creating the Asteroid Belt in the past and why Near Earth Asteroids exist; how this is related to the Earth being lopsided and experiencing Continental Drift; how the Earth was struck by giant Meteors in the past; what caused the African Kopje; why there is an Earth Twin we never see; and what caused Oil Deposits to form. The Zetas talked about why breaking news about Planet X was suppressed; how its location correlates with the 12th Planet Orbit, which is a Sling Orbit; what Second Foci the 12th Planet has; how to compute the current Distance from Earth; why it moves in a Retrograde Orbit; what its anticipated Entry Angle due to gravitational Conflicts, and its Speed and Slowing Influences will be, and how it achieves Escape Velosity; how the first and Second Pass differ; and explain how the 12th Planet Glow acts as its Sun so it is a smoldering Brown Dwarf and why it is a Red Planet with Swirling Moons.

In 2003 the Zetas talked about how Surging Magma and a Surging Switch occur as the Planet X enters our solar system, creating a 3rd Magnet, a S. Pole Tug so that the Stage Set; how the Dust Cloud Arrival and a Charged Dust Cloud relate. The Zetas talked about how orbits are not Sacred Orbits; how Light Illusion make it more difficult to see at close range; how the how the Point of Passage will form a triangle as Planet X will Float Past the Sun. In 2004 the Zetas talked about how there is Precursor Drift due to What Magnets Do during a halted orbit of Earth; how the Dance of the Moons and Second Sunlight are clues to the arrival, and Whither the Earth; how the planets are Dancing Partners, and how Comets Come Early and a Constellation View and Jupiter's Blue Ring area proof, a Hazelwood Killer the result, and Newton's Clock no longer applies. The Zetas talked about how the Dark Twin creates Whiplash and its composition affects Dark Twin Visibility; how the planets bunched together in front of Planet X created Dark Twin Looms; how Planet X is a Shrouded Monster but Photographic Proof exists. The Zetas talked about how the Earth is in the Big Squeeze, Waiting to Exhale, while Planet X is Plowing Ahead; why a Twirling Wobble has ensued and 23° is the Key, the Rings of Planet X proof as are times when the Earth is in the Eye of the Storm so there is a Lull in the Eye. The Zetas talked about the Meaning of Sedna; and why they sometimes Jerk Nancy Around as during the June 8 Transit, doing Bait and Switch as to where Venus and Mars are located or Venus Playing Chicken. In 2005 the Zetas talked about how Magma Voids will cause Storm Clash; how Planet X is Bigger and Closer, and what life Beneath the Dust is like. In 2006 the Zetas talked about Simulating the Seasons such as the Solstice during a stopped orbit. In 2007 the Zetas talked about an Intermittent Lurch and IERS Flatlined. And in 2008 the Zetas talked about what recent Light Towers mean.

The Zetas talk about what determines the order of Planets in a solar system; why Orbits are Elliptical and how this relates to Slowing Probes; what factors cause the Orbital Plane to develop; why planets rarely have Binary Orbits; why Planet Revolutions continue in spite of Perturbations; why Centrifugal Force is not the answer; how Satellite Orbits are in fact man-made; and why Trajectories are not symmetrical. The Zeta talk about whether comets come from the Oort Cloud; why we have Repeating Comets; whether Ephemeris can predict a comet's path; and whether astronomers are still in the Dark Ages and have Contradictions in their laws, and where Newton went wrong. The Zetas talk about whether there are Absolute Properties; whether Mathematical Proofs prove anything; how Vectors and Quantum Mechanics are flawed; what causes tornadoes to Spin; whether one can lie with Statistical Analysis; how aliens have the capacity to do Time Travel by manipulating Time Flow and to do Interstellar Travel and Hover; how they have Super Conductors that work at room temperature; whether Crystals have magical properties or Cold Fusion is possible; why Newman's Machine seems to work; and whether aliens manipulate gravity with Element 115.

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