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ZetaTalk: Discomfiting
Note: written Jan 15, 2002

Many humans are clearly aware of what is coming, in their subconscious, all the while denying this on the surface in their conscious. There is a great gap between what the common man senses, and sees about him, and what the government is willing to talk about. As the weather changes, there is less talk of the extreme nature of the weather patterns and where this might be leading. Summer in winter and winter in summer? There is only discussion about variations from the past, as though this were just another day, not an extreme pattern. The seas rising on the coastlines? There is no talk of how much property will shortly be swallowed up, and what the insurance companies will do when they go bankrupt. Melting poles and glaciers? This is talked about as though just another odd aspect in the weather pattern, not projected as to where this might be leading nor to cause. Meanwhile, as during past years when the media could only talk about a Presidents Oval Office escapade, we are now treated only to nightly coverage of where Bin Laden might be hiding.

Thus, the public becomes increasingly uneasy, as they sense something larger than the weather or melting polar ice. They sense a cover-up, and are thinking, at least subconsciously, of what this might mean. They are dealing with life as many contactees must, daily. Living two lives, and trying to act as though this were normal. If they share their concerns, they fear being called odd, so stay silent. Worries not shared are increasingly distracting, and lead one to make mistakes on the job or elsewhere. Thus, accidents, bloopers, slips of the tongue, and absentmindedness are on the increase.

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