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ZetaTalk: Repressive Control
Note: written during the Jun 8, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Lately the FBI has been in the news in the US by being freed from many restrictions, by the Bush Administration, re domestic spying. This has caused an uproar, but is scarcely unique in the US or elsewhere. Look to Arabian, which runs all internet access through one portal, so as to restrict access to web sites elsewhere not to their liking. Look to China, which thought to lie to the world on Tianaman Square, until they found Fax machines had done them in. Look to North Korea, which punishes any citizen, even children, crawling across their borders to seek food, at the point of death from starvation. Look to the Catholic Church, which tells the sheep to fear the shepherd, their priests, even when the priests are committing the worse crimes against the children in the flock. To what extent will those in power resort to maintain their control, as it slips?

It is not so much what they will do, as what they have done. This may be increasingly revealed, causing the public to think that this is new, but it is the old, now exposed, not new. Thus, spying by the FBI is not new, has been done even without permission, for decades. Do you think Congress, in hearings, is being told the truth, or even presented with those in the know? Those reporting to Congress are purposefully kept in the dark, so as not to slip or have a conscience problem. Those in control, behind the scenes, do as they wish, in the smoky need-to-know rules that the CIA and NSA and similar agencies in Russia and Europe have. In countries where it is no secret that spying and repression exist, this is hardly new.

Spying on citizens has gone on, is going on, to the extent the forces doing this chose to do so. In future, as this year plays out, this will diminish, those forces far too busy defending themselves to keep track or even care. Thus, those bugs, those wire taps, can be disconnected, placed elsewhere to fool those who might check on them, and the truth increasingly flow, those wanting free communication increasingly free to talk to others. Such is the progress of the Transformation!

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