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ZetaTalk: Make a Difference
Note: written Oct 15, 1995.

If there are few contactees in proportion to the population in general, how is it that contactees can make a difference? Contactees are usually singular, and act en-mass only after meeting in contact groups or bumping into each other, a rare event. The answer lies in the history of a vision or idea, and how this can ignite action. Humans are fond of pointing to inventors who stumbled upon a method to increase the general standard of living. Benjamin Franklin capturing and directing electricity with a kite string. Alexander Bell calling his assistant from the next room. The Wright brothers staying aloft in their flying machine. From this we have electric appliances in every household, telecommunications galore, and flying on business or to visit friends or family or go on vacation an everyday affair. Less dramatic only because it cannot be pointed to as a concrete thing are changes that affect how mankind views the world and how mankind will proceed when the world starts changing during the Transformation.

Unprepared for the Transformation, mankind would react as it does today when presented with any other unknown entity - with a mixture of fear and curiosity. In dealing with new situations, humans like all life deal first with their fear, and only when this is placated with their curiosity. Therefore, the likely reaction by an unprepared mankind to Transformative changes will be fear and resistance. Change is in any case resisted, and change clouded by uncertainly is vigorously resisted. But what happens when change is anticipated, or perhaps even welcomed? Though the majority may resist and hold back, the fact that a few move forward and embrace change is catalytic. At first only a trickle, and then a stream, and eventually the flow undermines all resistance and the laggards are caught in the undertow. Fear can often be translated into the statement - what will this mean? When leaders step forward and demonstrate what this means, as a living example, that question is answered and the fear factor virtually eliminated.

This is the legacy that contactees stepping forward to embrace the Transformation leave, and the role they fill in the main. By the way they live their lives, under public scrutiny. By the innovative solutions they place into the public knowledge base. By the personal and professional risks they take in order to incite discussion. All these are catalytic actions, and make a difference.

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