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ZetaTalk: The Internet
Note: written Feb 15, 1997.

The ability of humans to communicate over distances has moved, over the past century, from the pace of a single human's ability to travel or deliver mail to instant communication all over the world with the press of a key - the Internet. That this upsurge has occurred in the century leading up to the millennium, with its cataclysms, is not an accident. Mankind has been assisted at certain points with technological breakthroughs, so that a swift up-tick would occur at this point. The Transformation, which involves integrating those humans strongly in the Service-to-Others with aliens operating in that orientation, will mean bringing those humans into highly technological Zetan and hybrid cultures. To avoid severe culture shock, the technological level humans are familiar with has been raised. Where this up-tick in technology is evident on many fronts, in communications it is most evident in the growth of the Internet.

Moving into the Transformation, the Internet will continue to grow and permeate many aspects of daily life. Following the pole shift, many Service-to-Other groups will find they are still in communication with each other, trading helpful hints and passing along news. Technology will not die among these groups, as the education or know-how of one can be passed along, using the Internet as a school or training vehicle. Thus, the Internet will continue to help those surviving humans operating in the Service-to-Other orientation to acclimate to the life style of the 4th Density Service-to-Other aliens they will soon be encountering. It will make for a smooth transition, as they will in many cases encounter their new neighbors via the Internet before meeting them face to face, and find when this occurs that they are meeting an old friend!

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