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ZetaTalk: Alerted Populace
Note: written Dec 15, 2000

In that amateur astronomers will be able to discern, some weeks before the passage, that the 12th Planet seen visibly in the skies as a redish cross is not either a fading nova or an aberation of filtered lights in the atmosphere (caused by volcanic ash or upper atmosphere weather extremes or whatever other excuse the establishment may float out to the populace), how will the establishment react to a populace armed with the truth? Silence, which is the mode of choice when a lie can be challenged. Look to the past, when the US government was questioned on the death of JFK, for instance. Few individuals looking at the facts believed that a single bullet did all the damage claimed, or that a single individual was involved, but the formal pronouncement by the government stands today as the explanation - Oswald as a single shooter and a single bullet making contortions and emerging almost intact! The lies put forth during Iran Contra were only shown as lies because of a break in the armor, but if such a break does not occur, then the lie stands as the only explanation the public gets.

Those who piece together the puzzle themselves, and share this information with others, will not be allowed media attention or even be allowed to make extensive phone calls if they are too aggressive in trying to reach others with the truth. Thus, spreading the word will be limited to an arms reach, spread from person to person as time and access to contacting others allows. As anyone noting how fact information can spread on the Internet knows, this person to person contact can be like a wildfire, but unless an announcement is make on major media, most of the populace will not believe it. In addition, any story that threatens to create a panic, or a demand that official inform the public or provide a solution to the anticipated problems of homelessness and starvation, will be countered. Disinformation will rise in proportion to the spread of facts and truth. Discrediting the source is a time honored method of keeping the public confused and in the dark. Only those who think the facts through, and have a questioning mind to begin with, will discern the truth.

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