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[Note: for recent ZetaTalk on being a Contactee, UFO blitzes, and related subjects check the Q&A chats.]

The Zetas talk about how visitations are remembered only in the Subconscious so that the contactee is often confused about Alternate Realities; how the contactee can often discern that a visit has Just Occurred; how recall can be hastened through Hypnosis where the First Meeting is often recalled first; why Remembering should occur gradually as there may be Painful Experiences and Blocking can occur; and how Signs are sometimes given for reassurance. The Zetas talk about how contactees are Always in Touch with their visitors through Telepathy or Soul-to-Soul contact; whether contactees develop a Dual Identity or are assigned an alien as a Special Friend; why there seem to be Ugly Aliens; why Contactee Creativity and Shared Visions seem on the increase and how Arrangements are made; why a Contactee Modification might occur; why contactees sometimes experience Allergies or Ear Problems or Brain Buzz; whether Clue Lists or Blood Type help contactees determine their status; why contactees are On the Increase and when Protection/Healings are done; how communication can be done via a Channel but that is not what's going on here in ZetaTalk; how Advance Warning is given prior to a visitation; how the contactee may be placed in a Paralyzed State or go Out Of Body during a visitation; why the Zetas sometimes go Eye-to-Eye with contactees; how busy contactees can find they are Gaining Time, or that an alien was Standing In for them; and why contactees experience intermittent Invisibility.

The Zetas talk about how visitations have been going on Over Eons and sometimes leave Visitor Traces; how some humans think it's all Just a Dream or hallucination and how False Memory can occur; whether visitations can be Drug Induced; how some visitations come in Light Form; how visitors leave No Calling Card but sometimes are announced by Knocking; how visitors come from Various Groups; how contactees are given Life Form Orientations; whether the Zetas go by many Other Names; whether some creatures in our Fairy Tales have represented visitations; whether Electrical Disturbances or Bright Lights occur during visitations; whether aliens ever visit On the Phone or communicate electronically over Radio or TV; why the New World Order creates Staged Visitations; what significance Colored Lights or the Black Box has; and what happened to the Missing Pilots and their airplanes.

The Zetas talk about Abduction Term confusion and explain why there is in essence an Abduction Right; why it all seems to be such Serious Business and visitors can exhibit Reflected Fear; why no abductee is Ensnared Forever and contactees often have Mixed Feelings; how Contact with Children is limited; why there are Recall Dangers; whether Budd Hopkins or Dr. John Mack distort the truth; whether Betty Hill or Betty Andreasson are telling it straight; whether the Triangle Sign is the sign of the Zetas; why there are Saucer Shapes; whether Triangular UFO or Ball UFO are real UFO shapes; whether Plasma Ships exist; why Lightning Clouds often accompany ships; and how there are Mothership Clues.

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