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Finegan Fine, the Book

Copyright: TXu 1-639-478

A short story version of the film script, Finegan Fine, is available in two formats - an Adobe PDF file or individual web pages, chapter by chapter. This short story is available to the public to download and print for personal use, and may be distributed as long as no fee is charged, full credits are given, and no part of the story is omitted or modified. Finegan Fine is fully copyright protected in its short story version as well as the script version.This story has been translated into Chinese - Chapters1-5 and Traditional1-5, Chapters6-10 and Traditional6-10, Chapters11-15 and Traditional11-15, Chapters16-20 and Traditional16-20, Chapters21-25 and Traditional21-25

PDF Version

Houseboat Living
Burial at Sea
Good Hard Cash
Peaches and Cream
Political Connections
Jury of Peers
Industrial Revolution
The Castle
Love at Last
No Call Home
Shark in the Water
The Orphanage
Continuity of Government
Lost and Found
Yahoos Afloat
Eating Rats
The Pawn Shop
Slave Labor
Bear Market
Rust Belt
New Leaders
Kudzu Canyons